Security Should not be Taken Lightly

This is serious business.

More than ever before, the product you select to protect your home is of utmost importance. The increasing availability of mobile access to home and commercial security systems via apps has escalated concerns. But based on the technology used in our systems and their record for maintaining solid data security, you can feel safe and secure. You can trust us.

The list of features in place to ensure your security is long. Here are just a few:

  • Three invalid codes entered will log users out.
  • Video stream IDs change frequently, with URLs randomly generated at the time of viewing.
  • All video streams over closed and encrypted VPN and requires authentication at the camera.
  • Panel user-code, email address, and password authentication are required for login.
  • 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES are used for encryption.
  • Hardware and software are readily updatable.

Security should not be taken lightly or ignored. Hackers are intent on breaking into systems, whether to collect data, incur online vandalism, or worse. Our technology provides some of the most secure solutions available.